Introducing Regional Support in South America

drill rig

“The name has changed the philosophy and focus on customer support is the same”!

After spending several years establishing itself as a leading supplier of premium quality Rotary Blast Hole Bits and Drill Pipe, Rotacan is establishing a Regional Support Center in Santiago, Chile. The Center to be officially named Rotacan Sudamericana S.A. will serve as a regional distribution center providing quality products, local technical support, and outrageous customer service. Rotacan Sudamericana will also manufacture a selection of key components for the South American market.

The Rotacan Sudamericana drilling consumable product range will include;

• DTH drill pipe, hammers, and bits
• RC hammers and drill pipe
• Exploration diamond bits, casing shoes, and reamers
• Exploration tubular and core barrels

Newly appointed General Manager for Rotacan Sudamericana S.A., Patricio Lagarini stated “the established center will truly enable us to offer our customers in South America a unique opportunity to take part in the development of the critical products they use”.

Rotacan General Manager, Stan Robinson commented, “we are very excited with the introduction of Rotacan Sudamericana S.A. and particularly the prospect of having local technical support. This will allow us to build on our fundamental philosophy of supporting all of our South American customers through Innovation and Performance."